Want To Make Your Own Garden? These Guys Can Help

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What Makes It Awesome

Bengaluru folks, if you’ve been planning to have your own garden at home and if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’d be Prof TreLAWNey (see what I did there). Jokes apart, it’s time to live upto the reputation of the garden city and have your own little garden at home, all with the help of Khushi Enterprises. They’ve established a good hold of the market (or do we say garden) share here in Bengaluru through their wide variety of planters, pots, sprayers and other gardening tools and services they have on offer.

Their Coco Peat made from coconut husks is a best seller. It is essentially an organic compost blended and enriched sustainably, suitable for seed germination and production of seedlings in nurseries. We loved their rotomould flower pots and their Rectangular Multi-layer Self Watering planter in particular. This one has a grid in the bottom that separates the potting medium from the water storage beneath so that the potting medium is adequately moisturised. It also ensures that your plant gets nutrition as and when required without the hassle of you constantly watering the plant. Did we forget to mention that these add a cool aesthetic to your garden? Another pot we loved was the Smart tray and Wick With Pot that requires watering just once in 3-4 weeks, ideal for those of you who love your plants but travel or have a hectic lifestyle.

Do check out their website for watering sprays, self-watering accessories and other gardening tools. For assistance on how to start off building your own garden space and with regards to their products, hit them up through LBB’s Enquire Now feature. Do know they do not sell plant seeds along with their products or seperately.