This American Diner-Style Restaurant Serves Up Bright Green And Red Burgers

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Already a Koramangala favourite, Genuine Broasters Chicken is all about crunchy, meaty treats and colourful burgers that pop on your plate.

Chicken County

In the US of A, Genuine Broaster Chicken has been around for more than 60 years. They are a lot like KFC, as in, they have their own brand of fried chicken. But they are a lot fancier and their India-menu has plenty of local flavours thrown in. In Bangalore, the restaurant sits in bustling Koramangala. The exposed walls are done up in vintage-style posters and lights ensconced in the football helmets hang overhead.

First up, we tried the Chicken Wings. They have six different sauces that you can mix and match when placing your order. For those of you who love spice, the Narangi Sriracha, that comes with a just squirt of citrusy goodness, is a revelation. On the other side of the heat scale is the Butter Garlic that impresses with its understated flavours.

Between Buns

Fries, fried chicken, and a handful of appetisers make up the rest of the starter menu. And while they pack in plenty of crunch, we can’t help missing that chilled glass of beer. For the mains, the burgers are the most enticing and include a noodle version as well. However, we set our sights on the colourful burgers.

One was the Palak Paneer one that came with a moist patty that was stuffed in between green buns. The other was an eye-poppingly red version that featured a patty made from Lamb Rogan Josh at the centre. This too was moist but pretty heavy on the stomach so make sure you have room in your tummy for this one.


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