Festive Season & Beyond: Stock Up On These Gorgeous Diyas Starting At INR 350

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There’s really something about the whole aesthetic that diyas bring to homes and we can’t have enough. For those of you looking for the best diyas that are made from metal, coconut shell, wax or wood, look no further because LBB is here. Get the best diyas online, right here on LBB Shop. We've picked the following diyas based on their looks and their build, after all the quality matters if you are to light these for long periods of time. 

Flower Brass Diyas From Amaya Decor

Set of 4 Brass Colored Diya

Set of 4 Brass Colored Diya


Light shades of pink, yellow and blue work wonderfully with the flower shape of these brass diyas to add more cheer to your house. Best for placing at the entry of your houses or on the main hallway with petals. These come in a set of four and you can avail discounts, come the festive season. Amaya Decors has a wide range of diyas on LBB that you might not want to miss out on.

Pro-Tip: Insert your own cotton wick to have this burning and once done, wipe with a damp cloth and do not expose these to chemicals.

What Else: Amaya Decors is also known for its tea-light holders. 

Tea-Light Diya Pear From House Of Anna Fernandes

Tea Light Diya Octagon - Set of 7 pcs

Tea Light Diya Octagon - Set of 7 pcs


Planning to decorate your hallway with diya art? This set of seven diyas from House Of Anna Fernandes should help. Octagon-shaped and made from teakwood, these diyas will add an earthy feel to your homes. Read more about the brand here.

Pro-Tip: The candle within the teak-wood container can be changed and once used, you can wipe off the wooden exteriors of the diya with a moist cloth.

What Else: They have tea-light holders in various attached shapes, the likes of which include a star, snowflake and tear so that your Diwali is truly lit.

Set Of 4 Copper Diya

Set of 4 Copper Diya

Set of 4 Copper Diya


This set of 4 copper diyas will certainly add a more contemporary touch with its chic metallic finish. Light these and you will see how the dark brown colour of these diyas turn into a warm orange. The floral build of these diyas also play a role in the sense that they contain the light of the flame which will make the whole diya come off as brighter. Basically, these are a gorgeous light illusion!

Coconut Shell Diya From Thenga

Coconut Shell Eco-Friendly Candle/Diya (Set of 2, Coconut Scented)

Coconut Shell Eco-Friendly Candle/Diya (Set of 2, Coconut Scented)


Thenga is known for its coconut shell diya which is the right pick for those of you on the lookout for sustainable options. These eco-friendly diyas, coming in a set of two, are essentially the size of your palm and fully compostable. The wonders don’t end here as these are also scented. Use this for Diwali or as candles when the lights go out, you will find the warmth and aroma pleasing. Liked the concept of using coconut shells? Read more about Thenga and the products they sell here.

Pro-Tip: Do not wash with soap and water! These are delicate and need to just be dusted off with a dry cloth. 

What Else: Thenga boasts hanging planters, and even cutlery made from coconut. If you're going sustainable, it's best to go the full mile, no?

Tea Light Holder Set From Viskaa

Yellow Floral Tea Light Holder - Set of 2

Yellow Floral Tea Light Holder - Set of 2


These bright yellow tea light holders from Viskaa were definitely our go to not just because they're compact but also because of their hand-painted leaf prints. You could keep the ethnic touch intact and also support local artisans buying from this brand. 

Pro-Tip: We suggest you spread your artistic wings and add more colour to this by painting it red.

What Else: Viskaa has a stellar range of blue pottery diffusers and bamboo hanging lamps that would add to the good vibes this Diwali. 

Whirling Tea Light From Coppre

Whirling Tea Light

Whirling Tea Light


This handcrafted whirling tea-light holder exudes a very rustic traditional feel because of its lacquered coating and copper body. If you're one to use diyas as decoration and not just for pujas, this is very useful as its spinning top shape and metallic colour can add their own charms without being over the top. Coppre has a brilliant range of such tea lights that are versatile to use, much beyond festivals and traditional uses. 

Pro-Tip: Add candles of your choice within and place these tea-lights against walls to get a continuous whirl of light flickering against the wall. We like drama. No fuss washing these as is.

What Else: Coppre has tea-lights in different shapes and is also known for its candle lamps, tumblers and carafes. 

Wooden Bark Tea Light Candle From IMI Studios

Natural Wooden Bark Tea Light Candle

Natural Wooden Bark Tea Light Candle


If you want your festivities to be truly different with options that would not generally be considered 'traditional,' this wooden bark tea light from IMI Studios is the best choice for you because of its earthy boho feel. 

What Else: IMI Studios is also known for its wall art and frames. Do check out their collection on LBB Shop.

Round Tea-Light Candle Holder

Round Tea Light Candle Holder - Set of 4

Round Tea Light Candle Holder - Set of 4


More on the contemporary side, this round tea-light holder from Blomma Donna won us over with its solid coloured light holders. Made from concrete, these are handcrafted and super sturdy. We loved how the colours appeared brighter and richer as the tea-light holder acted as a cocoon to the flame. Use these as candles just to light up spaces even after the festivals are over, probably when you want to surprise someone or decorate your house for a party. 

Pro-Tip: You can doodle or colour on this to lend a boho look to these. 

What Else: Blomma Donna is also known for its Nordic Planters and Pentagon Platters that will give a contemporary look to your home. 


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However, if you want cool candle stands and holders within which you can place these diyas and tea-lights, we suggest you go through this list.


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