Enough Of Bournvita And Horlicks? Go For This Brand’s Drink Mixes Then!

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Daily Fuels

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What Makes It Awesome

Quite a proposition we’ve made, eh? Well, we stand by it. When we have Daily Fuels around, you will want to make a switch, too! This brand sells drink mixes like Chocolate Cocoa, Custard Apple, Fig and Dates Drink mixes that are easy to consume. No artificial flavours, colourings, preservatives and their products are made from gluten-free ingredients. You can even pair the beverages with their nut spreads and biscuit sticks. 

Know how you get fruit-flavoured milk in East Asian countries? They have something of that sort for you hereThe Custard Apple Milk Mix. Period. It’s this delightfully fruity and floral flavour mixed with chilled milk that will bring a smile to your face as you gulp your way down the glass. You could even try the Fig Milk mix for another fruity burst. Take our suggestion and have these as milkshakes. When there is something to drink, you know we’ll have something to eat as well. Try out the brand’s Hazelnut and Almond spreads that are all cold-pressed and made naturally. Not too sweet, we’re certain the guilt won’t be much. Now if you want something different like we usually do, try the Pistachio Spread - creamy, nutty and with a classic nutty hit. All the spreads come with biscuit sticks to ensure you’re covered with options.


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