Love Customised Furniture? This Brand Does Bars, Desks, Chairs & More

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What Makes It Awesome

While we might crave unique and quirky pieces of timber, all designed and decorated to please, it’s the good old minimalist wooden furniture and decor pieces that feel like home. Thinking Hands Studio makes customisable and sustainable furniture and decor pieces from off-cut timber. Their products are made by hand and designed to give you a sense of decluttered content as you use them. The peeps working here are fine product designers and are more than willing to experiment with products and ideas to give you furniture and decor that define you. 

Our picks have to be the customisable furniture they have on offer. Here, you can customise wooden center and dining tables, stools, bar counters, drawers, and even chairs to your liking and requirement. Besides, if you want to work with their readymade range, they have their multi-use lap desk which is our pick! Ideal for all age groups, working postures, uses such as board games, office or schoolwork, these are easy to assemble. These portable and lightweight stands surely deserve some real estate in your homes. They even have wooden coasters, cheese-boards, stools, and laptop stands that you could easily maintain and use. For the kids, we suggest you buy their DIY mixed blocks. 

Get in touch with them through LBB’s Enquire Now feature to discuss with them and place your orders.


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