Ditch Brown Covers And Customised Notebooks To Match Your Vibe

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What Makes It Awesome

Is it just me or did you dread those light brown covers and name tags on the notebooks as well? While they did have their own charm, they were a tad dull and not exactly the vibe when you’d want to make notes or even mug theories from those notebooks. Now, to make note-making and the notebooks all spiced up, there’s The Paper Dreams. Started by Rachana, this brand makes notebooks, stationery and bookmarks that won’t just match your vibe but will also spark some more interest in your academia or casual journalling. Their A5 notebooks are quirky with cover designs that will make you hesitate shifting your gaze to the inside of the notebook. 

You can get your design of choice done up on these notebooks. They have floral designs, ethnic designs, royal prints and just about anything you might want that includes a splash of colour. The notebooks come with matt lamination and gsm paper (80 blank sheets) with prints of your choice on both sides. You can even get notepads with tear-off edges and cardboard backs, 50 A5 blank sheets here. Now if you want the art in miniature form for the books you’re going to binge read, try their bookmarks. Again, matte laminated and printed on both sides. They even have combos of their notepads and notebooks if you want something on those lines. For the little ones who like stickers, the brand has introduced vinyl stickers as well. Great gifting options, these.

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Their combos come with freebies.


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