Get Cute Cartoon Caricatures Of Yourself From This Chibi Artist

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What Makes It Awesome?

Always wanted to know what you’d look like as a cute anime or Manga character? Sushishetty’s Art will transform you into the chibi version of yourself. What is chibi? You know when a character in an anime show gets upset and has a meltdown and looks like a child? That’s the chibi version of themselves, and absolutely adorable!

Starting off with regular portraits, she now does chibi art on wedding invitations, commissions just for fun, or of any of your favourite pictures of you. Clean, cute and cartooney, her caricatures capture your essence while making you kawaii! What’s awesome is that she’ll get to know you first so she can incorporate it into her sketch of you. Send across a few pictures of you (or whoever the subject of the sketch is) so she can study your expressions. Your pet the love of your life, then they can feature in the portraits too! Want a portrait of you and your human bff? That can be done too. Family portrait? Yes. Your chibi version in an imaginary (or plausible) situation (like in flight or as a mermaid), she’ll gladly do it. Each character sketch coats around INR 300 and can vary depending on the details requested.

Apart from chibi portraits, she also does regular portraits (charcoal, soft pastels, watercolor and a mix of them all priced between INR 1000 and 3000) and concepts like Zodiac signs, themed portraits. Whether you're looking for something conceptual or realistic, she can get it done!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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