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Festivals Incoming? Welcome Guests With These Snacks

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Come festivals and it’s time to redo your home, buy new clothes and even catch up with  family. However, the constant in every festival is the heavy influx of guests, both invited and uninvited. Welcoming them and constantly entertaining them can be tough so we suggest you do so with these small eats. Beyond dry fruits and gifts being re-gifted, here is a list that gives you a chance to welcome guests with goodies that are not the usual ones. Fair warning - don’t blame us if they don’t leave your place.

Sugar Free Cookies And Biscuits

Festivals often imply an overload of sweets into the system so we at LBB thought of halting the sugar high (we care about your health, duh!) These sugar-free cookies from Mo's Bakery are made from beetroot and have a not so distant flavour pair of dark chocolate. The reddish pink colour comes from the beetroot that will and you will primarily get a chocolatey flavour as soon as you pop one of these in. We even loved Artinici for its ginger flavoured, peanut butter and almond flavoured cookies, all of which are sugar-free. On a similar front, we also love Guilt Free for its Almond Butter Choco Chip and Amaranth Lemon Cookies. 

Local Snacks

Needless to say, frequenting multiple houses, your guests need a break from the same old sweet offerings they get elsewhere. That is why we suggest local snacks that hail from a certain region that have their own charm and make for unique offerings to your godly guests. Now you might have heard of banana chips but the good folks from Motherland Superstore make tapioca chips that are heartier and bound with flavours that resonate Kerala! For those of you wanting to keep things same, try the Chana Jor, Chakli and Matth Chips from Baska Foods. It's an unstated norm that with everything savoury, a sweet component has to be there and that is why we have - straight outta Mohali - these mildly sweet and tasty Gur Paras from Sindhi Sweets.  

Pre-Wrapped Goodies

Choko La

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We understand the effort and time spent in individually opening and separating packets of snacks in a platter and yes, that can be cumbersome. To ease your life, we have many pre-wrapped goodies that aren't just tasty, but are also wrapped in a manner that will appeal to your guests. Open Secret cookies are the first in line that come packed and are easy to share around. Ask us and we specifically suggest their Choco Almond Nutty Cookies for the chocolate drizzle that accompanies every nutty bite. Entisi Chocolatiers' box of 12 chocolate bonbons are for those with a proclivity towards interesting flavours like Lemon Chilli and Matcha Apricot whereas if you want something simple and palatable to all, go for Choko La's gift hamper that has the usual milk chocolate discs and almond minis. 

Sugarfree Mithai


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If your love for barfis knows no bounds, you're one of us and while they're super delectable, the sugar content knocks the health portion out of the park. Keeping that in mind, we have sugar-free mithais that will have you binging and not feeling guilty while doing so, win-win, we say. Kaleva, having been in the business for around 500 years (not kidding), has a set of options, including the Panchratna Laddoos and the Khajur Barfis that you will seriously consider having for its time-tested taste and the right amount of sweetness. You could also savour Sindhi Sweets' sugar-free Anjeer Barfis for that extra desi flavour reminding you of grandmom's sweets.

Exotic Nuts & Dry Fruits

Tummy Pops

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We said we'd give you options beyond the regular dry fruits so we're keeping our word. Fruits are good but fruits without juice aren't bad either. We mean the dehydrated fruit snacks from Frubites. These are literally dehydrated fruits that make for healthy and tasty snacks. We personally loved the apple, strawberry and pineapple variants. However, if you want the usual nuts with a gourmet twist, The Gourmet Nut is known for its selection of nuts like the Paan Almond and Chaat Masala Dark Chocolate Cashews. For that savoury edge, you could opt for The Nut Makers' Sweet Chilli Barbecue and Chilli Cheese Cashews. Feeling experimental already? We Surely are! 

Mouth Fresheners


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If anyone tells you that mouth fresheners are to be eaten only after meals, tell them 'no,' and offer them what we're about the suggest. Mr. Merchant's Dried Salted Amla is a must have to liven up one's palate as these have a tart punch that will bring the atmosphere and your guests to life, should they pop one in. Now if the guests ask for something sweet right after, give them the ready-to-eat Banarasi Meetha Paan. Also get Tummy Pops for its anardana and Kesar Saunf that aren't just an exciting mix of sweet and savoury, but are also good for digestion. 


Now if you like to keep things festive all year round, get these Indian sweets.