Orange Or Berry: This Sparkling Water Is Vegan & Has Zero-Calorie Sweetener

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What Makes It Awesome

Claiming to be India’s first premium flavoured sparkling water brand, Osher is on track to revolutionise the beverage sector with its flavoured natural mineral waters. These are infused with natural fruit flavours and sweetened using apple juice and sucralose, which is a zero calorie sweetener. You can drink their waters to rejuvenate your body after a tiring cardio session or even use them as mixers for the Saturday night party. Might we also add that these make for healthy alternatives to fizzies and other cold drinks.

We loved their Blueberry flavoured water that has a mild sweet flavour. Have it after a workout or to satiate the sweet cravings. They also have the orange flavoured sparkling water which is a perfect option for pairing with rich meals. No more coke when these are around as the citrus does well to cut greasy and rich food. These are free of synthetic colours and are also gluten-free, vegan and totally natural. You can buy these from LBB Shop in packs of six for just INR 312. 


Want to taste both their flavours? Go for the assorted pack of six.


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