For The Best French Press Coffee On The Go, This Brand Is Doing Everything Right

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What Makes It Awesome

We’ve been maintaining, stay at home, no matter how enticing it is to hit the cafe with a book and have your favourite coffee. You have the book, the comfort of your home and the coffee? That’s there as well especially with Espro’s Coffee Press Machine. This coffee press helps you make the best French Press with its sturdy build and sleek design, all set to give you the finest brews. You get a silicone-sealed, double-nylon filter that brings better clarity and ensures fewer grounds in your cup, all this without sacrificing the signature body of pressed coffee. Thick glass vessels and a plastic frame prevent spillage. 

The brand also has the minimalist travel brewer, called the ultralight travel press that helps you brew coffee in peace, anywhere you are. The Ultralight can endure rugged conditions and all you have to do is mix coffee and hot water, wait for four minutes, and then press. Unlike traditional presses, you can keep the coffee stored in the press without having it get bitter over time. The insulated double walls help keep the brew warmer for long periods of time. Additionally, pressing the filter halts extractions completely so your coffee doesn’t get bitter over time. The brand even sells a pour over filter, a pour over machine and bigger variants of the coffee press and the ultralight. Shop now on LBB for a French press that isn’t confined to the football field. Haha.


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