Don't Miss Out On This Brand's Medium And Dark Roast Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome

Over our time here at LBB, we’ve realised one eternal truth and that is you can never ever recommend enough coffee. There has to be a surplus of good coffee brands as well as roasts and when there is Love & Latte’s signature coffee roasts, we just can’t get enough! Here, the peeps have a resolute belief in spreading the love they nourish with each of their signature brews. Their roasts are sourced from Chikmagalur and each leaves its own signature trail of taste and mouthfeel having you ponder upon the last sip until you’re done.

Our pick has to be the Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold Coffee that has a thick, rich body and a sweet aftertaste. This is a smooth roast and the preferred method of brewing this is using a French Press. Have it as a cold brew, with water or hot milk for your early morning caffeine dose. Moving on to our next favourite, the Solido Merlot that has notes of sweet cherry and balanced acidity. This one is a medium-plus roast mix of Robusta and Arabica, ideal for the evenings when you need that little extra push to get you through the day with ease. Moka Pot is the preferred way of brewing but the good old filter should work. There’s even a bitter dark roast if you want something more dense and smoky. Now, if you are a stickler for good old filter coffee, get their bestselling South-Indian Filter Coffee Mix that has a wee bit of Chicory infused within.

Choose from 250g or 500g and buy from LBB Shop.


If you happen to be in Pune or Mumbai, do visit their cafe for good food and a chill ambience to enjoy your coffee in.


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