This Brand’s Herb Mixes Make For Tasty Beverages

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Amaara Herbs

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What Makes It Awesome

Tea time in India is the best time and here, you get herb mixes that you can make into your favourite beverage and relish. Amaara Herbs is a brand that specialises in herbs as different forms of superfoods. We’re talking herbal tea mixes and also an indulgent cocoa latte mix for those of you who can't do without the decadence. These guys adopt traditional tincturing methods and their handmade herbal mixes are the perfect health fixes to replenish your system from within.

We loved their Ginseng Herb Tea, coming in tea bags, these were packed with a ginger and turmeric punch and we’d highly recommend having these with maple syrup or honey early in the morning once you’re done hitting the gym. Now for those of you wanting to shed some pounds, get the Metabolic Herb Tea that has fresh notes of lemongrass and fennel. Post-workout, before sleep or when you feel like snacking unhealthy, These mixes got you! For a more floral after taste, get the Hibiscus Green Tea. Want something more indulgent? Try the Cocoa Latte that comes with this slight tinge of cinnamon and cardamom. We sipped well, really. Then there’s the Chamomille Herb Mix that tastes just as creamy and rich as it tastes flowery sweet. The products are natural and vegan with prices not more than INR 499.


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