Animal-Shaped Beanies To Crochet Earrings: We Love This Kids Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Shopping for kids is as fun as it sounds. Take our word it’s almost therapeutic when you’re shopping for your little cousin or your own kiddo. To make shopping for the little ones more worthwhile so that you’re their favourite, we have Woonie, a brand that sells handmade crochet earrings, caps and animal-shaped beanies for kids. If you want to prepare your kid for the cool hilly retreats with something quirky, Woonie is here to swoon(ie) you.

Their animal-shaped beanies are ace. These look adorable and quirky to a level that let alone the kids, you yourself would want to wear them. Available in shapes of animals like elephants, cows, horses, frogs and dinosaurs to name a few, these have little coloured animal extensions at the ends that add more charm to these acrylic beanies. Their knitted grey caps in shapes of fruits, desserts and veggies are also must-buys. We personally loved the pineapple cap. More on the accessories end, try the brand’s crochet earrings. Our winner was the Crochet Pearl Embellished Earrings that comes with a fish hook earwire and little metal beads interwoven with crochet work. They even have crochet earrings in fruit and flower shapes including a chandbali

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