Get Masks As Sassy As The Person That You Are

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What Makes It Awesome

We don’t like the idea of wearing masks in general and crave for times when they won't be a necessity anymore but now that they are, these cool folks at Sassy Sequoia are making us fall in love with them. The brand makes some artsy, vibrant and abstract printed masks from pure cotton, suede and these come with chains and without. Adorned with abstract patterns and embroidered flora and fauna, these are a visual delight if you want the mask to speak enough about you without you having to lower it.

To start things off, we loved their pink peony mask. Laced with pink embroideries throughout the surface area of the mask, these are as happy as you can get with the shades of pink adding a new lease of life to your outfit. If you want something less voluminous in terms of design, try their Tropical Toucan or their Evil Eye masks that have embroideries done up on them and which are available in lighter shades of white, baby pink and sky blue. Many of their masks come with two layered materials to ensure safety, namely suede and cotton. To accessorise a tad more, you could opt for their chained masks that come with this pearl chain attached. They even have self-design masks in black and white that come with tri-coloured charm mask chains that provide this much needed breakaway from the usual plain metal chain jazz. The masks are priced between INR 299 and INR 1,299.


Liked their chains? They’re available separately without the masks.


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