Apple Marmalade To Tamarind Sauce: Jam During Brekkie & Make Dinners Saucy

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What Makes It Awesome

Very often we regard jams and sauces to be arsenals of sugar and salts that cause more harm than good. But not anymore with Foi Foods. Their natural sauces and jams are anything but your body’s foes (see what I did there #foinotfoe). The brand sells sauces, ketchups, jams and marmalades that are made naturally and without any artificial flavouring. If you have grown bored of the usual orange marmalades and the mixed fruit jams, these guys have exciting alternatives.

We personally recommend their Apple Marmalade that is made from apples and is sweetened using organic jaggery. Use it as a smear with pancakes or waffles and top it off with cinnamon vanilla ice-cream for a #somethingdifferent breakfast. Now you could have a more tropical option with their mango jam that uses a mango pulp and again, organic jaggery. Have the sweet and slightly tangy mango goodness by the spoon or pair with chapatis and a mellow gravy to complete the sweet little creation that your meal is.

Fried snacks come calling when the weather gets chilly or when Earth is lashed by rain. At these times, you could have samosas or kachoris or even bajjis paired with this brand’s Tamarind Sauce that has a perfect balance of tart, sweet and spice. This has onion, garlic and their blend of spices that add more depth to the tamarind pulp used, providing your greasy snacks with a flavour bomb. They also have a tomato ketchup and a mixed-fruit jam if you want to stick to the usual without the extra sugars.


They are available on LBB Shop and have offers running regularly. Moreover, they have a Jain option for their tomato ketchup that comes without onion and garlic.


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