Chocolate Energy Balls To Seed Mixes: Munch On This Brand' Healthy Snacks

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What Makes It Awesome

Nutriplate is a frontrunner in transforming the way Indians snack. The brand sells granola, seeds and smoothie mixes so that you don’t consume unhealthy foods for breakfast or even as snacks throughout the day. Low in calories and sugars, below is what's on offer.

Like your seed mixes and makhanas? Nutriplate gives you both with their Nutrikeen Snack that has a mix of seeds and nuts. Pair it with a Rose Smoothie Mix for an ideal breakfast or tea-time snack that is not too sweet and great for energy. Their Oats And Berry Granola with a pop of fruity sweetness is again something you can munch on between work, classes or just as a break in between meals. Now if you’re like me and seriously crave dessert, mostly chocolate right after a hearty meal, Nutriplate has a fix for that as well. Their Chocolate And Granola Energy Balls are apt for when the sweet cravings kick in or when you feel the world around you is mean. They’re all available on LBB Shop with prices ranging from INR 100 - INR 400.


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