Art/Folk Meet Utility/New, With This Brand’s Tableware

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What Makes It Awesome

Suman, the owner of Aakriti Art Creations is known to project design as an art form in her tableware and serveware range. She derives inspiration from art, history, folklore to carve timeless pieces that are the envy of artists and craftsmen around the world. We loved her collection of cups, coasters and trays that have this chic, tribal look and are fused with a more urban appeal. Known mainly for her attention to detail, she uses environment-friendly products such as vegetable dyes, handmade paper and repurposed wood. She also makes sure to have local artisans and craftsmen employed to generate livelihood for them and also to ensure the products are as local as they can be. 

We call their bestsellers a hit-list, all that’s super hit. First come the Handcrafted Earthen Cups With Cane Handle, made with terracotta and coming in a matte finish, these exude intense tribal charms with tribal artwork done up on the surface. Then, come the wooden fish coasters, made from repurposed wood and carved with ethnic motifs. These are different, unique and just beautiful with the little sardine-like fish patched to make a coaster. Next, we were wowed by the ceramic dinner plates that have mythical figures done up on the edges that surround a funnel design in the center. If you want the special guests to get impressed, we recommend this. The brand also sells small bowls, trays and serving platters, all with a touch of folklore that makes this brand stand out. 

Their products are available on LBB Shop.


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