If There Were Toys In The Planters And Pots Family, This Brand Would Make It

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What Makes It Awesome

Tiny Planters And Pot is a brand that makes resin and ceramic pots. As the name suggests, these are tiny and one look at their collection will have you go ‘awww.’ Why? You may ask. Simply because they sell potters and planters in tiny colourful shapes of kings, queens, cars and even animals, perfect for your mini terrariums and succulents. These are all made and painted by hand and you can place them anywhere, from your balconies, on the walls as showpieces, entrances, table tops or even on staircases.

We loved the Wise Blue Owl and the Wise Black Owl pots that weren’t just loaded with a hue of colours but were also finished well to add a glossy feel to the pots. Our picks also include the King and Queen Resin Pots that are outright adorable to look at. If you’re having a bad day, a look at their peacefully smiling surface will certainly lighten up your mood, at least we hope so. They also have pots shaped like cars, sleeping dogs and one for bae, a blond valentine pot with a winking eye and more. You can even buy their tiny bunny family planters that have these bunnies carrying baskets that would house your succulents. Coming in a set, you could buy the entire family or just single pieces.


Shipping is pan-India and plants are not included in the purchase. Connect with them through LBB’s Enquire Now feature for more details.


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