Sip Your Fave Beverage In These Handcrafted Mugs With A Vintage Feel

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What Makes It Awesome

The Artisan Emporium is known for its handcrafted ceramic mugs that have this charming rustic aesthetic. They’re glossy and come in bright shades such as yellow, flamingo pink, icy blue and terracotta red. We love these mugs most for their sandy textures and printed grooves. The whole idea here is to re-connect you with your roots through earthy colours, geometric patterns and carved textures. These mugs bring back the old world charm and that is why we love them. 

We love the Rusty Caramel Mugs for their grainy appearance over a glossy chocolate brown mug. You can also get their Grooved Mugs that resemble the pillars of a medieval Indian palace or temple. However, if you don’t mind the extra jazz, then we suggest the crafty Ice Burst And Drip Vintage Mugs that have coloured patterns and are carved with floral designs. The Teal Green and Terracotta Textured Mugs are amongst our other favourites, because of their surfaces that resemble Mughal jharokhas. You can get these 350 ml mugs in pairs for INR 899 on LBB Shop. What’s the wait in making your tea-time or morning coffee, better?


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