For The Record: Get Your Vinyl Fix At This Super Cool Music Store

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Harboring heavy metal, hard rock and extreme metal music not only as CDs but also good old Vinyl LPs, this store walks right off the charts.

Play It Old School

Unassuming as it may be, this store is so much more than just a music store.  It’s intense and heavy. But as music junkies, we are perpetually on the hunt for the good music, and that too in their classic form. Yes, we are talking about vinyl records. If you have been on the lookout just like us, your hunt stops here. Mahatobar Distributions is the place to go!

Fifty Shades Of Rock

The owner, Vikram Bhat who was a member of the metal band Dying Embrace, only adds to the store with his great knowledge and expertise in music. Amongst the wide collection at the store you will find Triptykon, Paradise Lost, Exodus, Finntroll, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Kiss and AC/DC from the glory days of rock and roll. Plus, plenty more from Sepultura, Karyn Crisis – Gospel Of The Witches, Krisiun- Forged In Fury and Tiamat- Wildhoney just to name a few. See, we said they’re intense.

Fan Base

They also stock official merchandise of bands, including Bhat’s own. If you’re a hardcore fan on local music, then you must pick up tees of city Death Metallers Dhwesha and their cool Varaha Avatara. Oh, oh, they also have stuff from Kryptos. Surely, you know them! For those stuck in the music of life, they also have a mail order distribution with great packaging.

While promoting the old tradition of store-bought treasures in this age of online shopping, Mahatobar Distributions also pampers you with regular email catalogues to make your choice easier. However, if you have unique taste, then they will try their best to source your choice. That is if it’s still in production! So for those of you who are stuck in the music of life, this may be your solution!


They have some amazing collectors’ boxes. Make sure to check it out when you visit.