Treat Yourself With Amazing Gourmet Pizzas, Pastas & More From This Outlet!

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Want Gourmet Pizzas, pasta, desserts to be delivered to your doorstep? This new kitchen, The Circle Dream covers it all. This Kitchen delivers awesomeness in a package, where the packaging is also word class. Their packing is so well like beautiful origami, very well crafted.

Dreaming of circles, this Pizza was delicious and calling it just delicious is very small. Neopolitan style of Pizzas made my day. Made in a conventional stone oven, kneaded and rolled in hands of the chefs, a bit of marinara on top and mozzarella melting in the oven with fine toppings is just delicious. I had the Verdi Fungi Misti pizza, which had lots of olives and button mushrooms in the base, with added thyme, this Pizza is really a game-changer. Being a Diavola lover, I prefer eggplants on my Pizza and this was perfect, the bonus is sun-dried tomatoes. Mediterranean Circle is better than expected. With lots of feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes again and a bunch of sauces to amaze you, with added basil, olives and oregano while baking, this is absolutely a delight.

Coming to the Pasta, Spaghetti Aglio Olio is made as authentic as possible. Fine Spaghetti tossed in olive oil, added fine amounts of parmesan cheese with a fantastic seasoning with olives, this was beautiful.

The Desserts were literally mind-blowing! Pain au chocolate or basically puffs filled Chocolate was fresh from the oven, soft on the outer side and filled with chocolate melts in your mouth. The cinnabons are perfect.

Not the Ghatotkatcha from Mahabharata, but a Foodie from Bengaluru who loves to explore