Camping, Outdoor Screenings, BBQs - Rent Equipment For Them All Here!

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GetOnRent is your go-to rental service for any equipment required for outdoor activities, be it camping, outdoor screenings, BBQ parties, and even to clean up after it all!

What Makes It Awesome

GetOnRent in Jayanagar has no frills when it comes to their rental services right from the name to their budget. Camping and outdoor activities like camp parties, barbecues and movie nights under the stars (not marketed as that, but if you rent a projector, tents, sleeping bags, and a grill, the night would be pretty lit don’t you think?), they’ve got all the goods for any of your party moods. Really solves the problem for those of us who love the outdoors but not the funds or the time to invest in gear that we can use to fuel the fun. 

Right opposite the Jain College campus, the store can be identified with the displayed range of outdoor equipment they rent out. Their most popular items are from the camping section. Quechua tents (available for 2, 3 and 4 persons) start at INR 119 a day, and sleeping bags a sweet INR 49. For people who take camping out seriously, they have lanterns, headlamps, torches, mats and heavy duty backpacks as well all under INR 50 each!

Organising a little barbecue or movie screening at home (or a farmhouse)? They’ve got a variety of grills in terms of capacity (size), and settings as they have electric and charcoal grills for whatever and wherever the occasion is. Cost of the grills per day start at INR 299. If you’re looking for a projector (either for your party, or otherwise), they’ve got that as well, either with or without a screen. Clean up after your party with the vacuum cleaners that they also seem to be renting out!


If you’re looking to rent out a bunch of equipment, be it for a trek or a barbecue, they have deals for bulk renting which works out slightly cheaper than the equipment individually. 


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