India’s First Hemp Gin Is Here And It’s So Good They Named It Twice

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What Makes It Awesome

Born from the need to have the perfect drink to enjoy with friends, Gin Gin (a gin so good they named it twice!) was created by Shubham Khanna, who was the “oddball” is a circle of friends and family who loved their rum and brandy. So, with the idea of making his ideal gin, Gin Gin began as a passion project. And at just 24-years-old this one-man-army is doing everything from marketing, branding, distilling, and bottling!  

Oh, and apart from being an Indian-made spirit, Gin Gin is also India’s first, and currently only, hemp gin. And that too wasn’t by design, but an experiment gone right. While playing with ingredients to make the gin different, Shubham threw in hemp, and it came out better than expected, so here we are with this fine new hemp gin. We also hear the final product comes after 38-39 trial versions (tried, tested by friends, experts and acquaintances which I wish I were one of!). Did we mention that it’s also a single shot vapor-infused spirit, also the first of its kind in India? Well, it is. For the uninitiated, this is a process where in all the botanicals are macerated in a neutral spirit, then strained before being distilled in the still, and water is added pre-bottling. Just FYI, Shubham even created his own still! 

While the bottle is smart and minimalist (you’re allowed to think outside the box/bottle and come up with your own interpretations), the spirit is far from. It’s distilled using nine botanicals, including the custom juniper that is sourced from the Himalayas. Others are coriander, lavender, rosemary, caraway seeds, cinnamon, lemongrass and butterfly pea flower, and of course, hemp. While I am yet to get my hands on a bottle, when I do, I already have plans of making my first cocktail, as advised by the creator Shubham himself. I’m going to have myself the Gin Gin Gin Gin Mule, which is the regular Gin Gin Mule, but using Gin Gin! So, cheers! 


The bottle is priced at INR 999 in Goa, and will hopefully be available starting August, but that may change due to current circumstances. Other cities will follow when travel and transport of products are allowed.


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