Glass Lanterns, Elegant Trays & Cusions: Shop At This One-Stop Decor Destination In Whitefield

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What Makes It Awesome

You can't miss Nikaara when you head to Forum Neighbourhood Mall. Like an antique knick-knack store, this is the type of store you'd end up shopping at even if you need nothing! Enticing you with their ware from the outside, pick up temple style brass decor for your home, or small wall hangings and handicraft type home accents that work well as presents.

A well done up store, Nikaara, is pretty much decor wonderland with every nook of it done up with neatly set up furniture, decor accessories or other knick knacks. Pretty candles and candle holders, glass lanterns, mini statuettes, lamps are all available along with a host of other decor products. They also make furniture here like stools, tables and chairs. The more heavy duty stuff like full blown furniture (made to order or otherwise) will be delivered home for an extra fee should buy something.


You can buy their stuff online from their website too.

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