Glen’s Bakehouse On Lavelle Road Ups Quality And Sustains Charm

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Bakes, cakes and wood-fired pizzas make their way to Lavelle Road, as the Indiranagar favourite Glen’s Bakehouse opens its second outlet in town.

Chow Down

Wood-fired pizzas, Red Velvet cupcakes {especially the bite-sized ones} and chicken roast

Sip On

Signature Glen’s Coffee

Winning For…

Old-school café ambience and pizzas that genuinely come from  a wood-fire

Lowdown On Ambience

Taking over the much-loved Java City on Lavelle road, Glen’s retains the lovely street view al fresco area, that little patio area and well as the air-conditioned inside. Of course, wrought-iron furniture and wooden benches in the stone and pink structure make it a real throwback.

What’s On The Menu

Head here for sandwiches, salads, burgers, quiches and puffs for tea/snack time food. We kicked things off with a Creamy Chicken Pie which should be rechristened Chicken Curry Pie as there was no cream whatsoever. Judging it as a curry pie, it was good because the pasty wasn’t too thick and they don’t skinch on stuffing. The Paneer Puff was good and you could peel off the layers of it beautifully! So much for sophisticated eating! Hotdogs are standard, but extra points for the onion relish.

Main Tuck In

Pizzas {we vote for Boston Backbay with pepperoni and walnuts} really do come from a wood-fired oven, and bring that crisp but smoky edge. There’s a Chettinad chicken version for those who dare! Vegetarians the Margarita and Primavera are great options. Save Chicken Pot Roast for a rainy day. It’s perfect comfort food thanks to the meat soaking in the herb gravy. The fries and veggies doused in the sauce make it even better. There’s also quiches and a lovely mushroom risotto for the vegetarians.

Feeling Desserted

We place our bets on Cookies And Cream {crumbly cookies with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream}, and Baked Mud Pie {gooey and chocolatey but not quite a mud pie}. What we absolutely adore are the bite-sized cupcakes. Priced at INR 10, we go nuts sampling {or wolfing down} them. Swoop in on the Red Velvet, Caramel and Chocolate as they’re the best. Pick Glen’s Signature Coffee for a real kick to end with.

So, We’re Thinking…

The slightly clueless staff is a drawback. In fact, a few bordered on rude which isn’t what we’re used to at the original Glen’s Bakehouse. We’d go back again for the cupcakes and tea room atmosphere, though.


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