Let Your Kids Go Around The World With This Cool Travel Club That Actually Goes Places Now

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore


    With sessions packing in traditional crafts, games and even food from different countries, the city-based travel club, Globetrippers offers to take your kids around the world, one country at a time. But don’t worry, they don’t really leave town.

    Lil Wanderers

    What if your little ones could take off on trips to different countries and come back with a wealth of knowledge? That’s pretty much what Globetrippers, a city-based travel club for kids, has in mind, too. Although on a virtual level, we must add. Founded in 2010 by Muthamma Nanjappa {who has worked in the field of education for kids} along with her friend and travel enthusiast, Miriam Mammen, the club uses a multi-sensorial approach to introduce kids {between the age of five and 12} to countries around the world. Think sessions with traditional games, crafts, quizzes and dishes, all focus on particular places from across the globe. From Kenya to Spain and Germany to Peru, the group has covered nearly 100 countries so far! And the older ones can even go on the few trips they actually plan, for out of town — like to the land of forts and palaces, Rajasthan.

    Get Packing

    Once you’ve registered your child at Globetrippers, you get all the relevant details by mail along with the Password – an informative puzzle of sorts that gives the participant more insight into the country he/she is going to explore. Sessions here are actually much like a trip, complete with a passport, a Globetrippers map, a messenger bag {featuring Captain Tripp, their mascot} and giveaways {these differ according to the country for the session}. There are different groups for different ages, and don’t worry, the session happens across the city, so you can sign up to the one closest to you.

    While dabbling in the crafts can include anything from making a Grecian plate {in their recent Greece ‘trip’} to a dose of origami, the hands-on regular session on flags has the kids recreating the country’s flag with elements that represent the respective nation. For instance, the flag of UAE was created with coloured sand {sand representing the desert}. Asian countries like Nepal, Thailand, Japan, China and Vietnam are also part of the long list of countries your little ones can ‘visit’. We also love that exotic spots like Mexico, Jordan and Mongolia feature here.

    Tripping On It

    The audio-visual segment introduces the country in detail, through engaging videos and slides. Whether it is about what to see, flora and fauna or art and culture, this one’s bound to hold the attention of the little ones. Especially with the quiz at the end! However, it’s not just trivia that is part of the AV section. We love that they also give the kids a better {and unbiased} idea of the political situation in the country. Traditional games along with ones modified for the purpose is another segment of the two and half hour ‘journey’. Ending the session with some snacks, the folks try to put together simple dishes or drinks that the country is known for. Chilean Calzones Rotos cookies and Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls are just some of the dishes that found their way onto the plates here.

      Indira Nagar, Bangalore