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Glocal Junction

Indira Nagar

Coorgi Murgi, Firni Creme Brûlée And Cocktails In Takeaway Boxes At Glocal Junction

Amrita posted on 06 June


After Mumbai and Hyderabad, Glocal Junction has hit our fair city with a permanent stop at Indiranagar. Their menu promises a mix of fusion {think global food with a desi touch} with a smattering of classics {Fish And Chips, Falafel Pockets}. But the highlights are innovatively made and served cocktails.

Chow Down

Kun Fu Nuggets, Coorgi Murgi, Khao Suey, Tandoori Chicken Risotto, Firni Creme  Brûlée

Sip On

Black Magic, Thailee, Toxic Box. Some of the cocktails here are transportable. Yes. We will tell you more below.

Winning For

Nouvelle cocktails served in hip and in some instances user-friendly packaging, adventurous bar bites and a menu with vast choices.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Keeping with the currently popular industrial theme, Glocal Junction also keeps it rough and edgy with walls that look like they have been given a fresh coat of cement. The vast space has booth-like seating and a huge bar in the centre. Just in front of the bar are two Selfie Points marked in red, to give you the perfect vantage point.

What’s On The Menu

If you like whiskey cocktails, then begin with the Black Magic, hickory-smoked whiskey and bitters served in a glass skull no less and then poured into a tumbler with a waiting ice ball, flavoured with orange zest and oil, and marmalade. This was our favourite, followed by the Thailee, a refreshing musk melon-infused vodka concoction that arrived in a pouch with straw attached and the Toxic Box, a sweet drink with vodka mixed with lemongrass, galangal and other Fas Eastern herbs in a sturdy Asian takeaway box. The Mirage, a vodka cocktail that arrived in a golden pineapple {true story} was meant to keep us guessing the flavours, but we were not impressed.

Snacking Galore

There’s plenty to grab and bite here, including a separate Day and Night menu, plus a kiddie menu called Bambinos {they don’t really position themselves as a bar, but a space for everybody}, but during evenings kids are not encouraged. We’d recommend the Coorgi Murgi Dry Fry, bits of chicken fried with Coorg spices, chillies and curry leaves. The Kung-Fu nuggets is fried chicken really, but with Asian flavours, was also a hit with us because it was served with a burned chilli garlic sauce. Don’t forget to try their house-made Sriracha, it is the bomb. Vegetarians, you can go for their Chaat Pizza, or their grills with paneer, mushrooms and broccoli done in interesting marinades, plus jacket potatoes.

Don’t miss out on the Khaoy Suey if you are looking for something hearty for mains, or even the Tandoori Chicken Risotto, cooked in a makhani gravy and tandoori chicken bits. But we’d say stick to the bar bites here. Plus, there’s no pork or beef available on the menu at the moment. Finish your meal with the beautiful Phirni Creme Brûlée to be eaten with a couple of adorable baked edible spoons. Give the Paan Cheesecake {we are not lovers of the betel leaf} or the Beeramisu {a bit of an acquired taste} a try only for innovation. But we’d like to try the Brownie Waffle on our next visit.

So, We’re Thinking…

Those “carry-wherever-you-want” cocktails are a hit with us, but only when not driving. The moreish nibbles, get a thumbs up from us too. Now only if they covered the other kinds of meat, we’d be very happy.

Where: 2986, Ashwani Complex, 12th Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar

Price: INR 1,200 for two

Contact:  080 65604999

Timings: 11am-11pm

Find them on Facebook here.

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Glocal Junction

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Indira Nagar

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Glocal Junction

Indira Nagar