Go Native - Makes You Go Organic Too

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What Makes It Awesome?

GO NATIVE is a place that is located at HSR Layout

Go Native is Specialized in Serving up with Dishes that are completely only Vegetarian as it's a Vegetarian place. They work on the concept of Serving Healthy, Organic and Gluten-Free Dishes which is totally amazing as there aren't many places that do this in Bangalore. I love their Concept where in There's a Shopping Space along with the Dining Space.

The Ambience at Go Native is huge as it's built up with three floors where the ground floor is for the Garden Area Seating which just has the Normal Table and Chairs. The First Floor is a shopping space for their merchandiser's and stuff. The Second Floor is from where the actual Dining Ambience of Go Native Starts from where in just at the entrance of the Third Floor they have their Organic Products like Shampoos, Oils, Honeys and Toys etc you could see which is totally up for Sale so check that space out and right beside that is the Dining space which is in the next room for people who want to have a quiet dining experience they can sit here and enjoy their time here at Go Native and here as well the Seatings are the regular Tables and Chairs but they look so detailed on the work done on it. it's an Indoor Seating Space. They have another mini store here here where you can see and buy all the ingredients that they use at this place which are totally Organic and Healthy too, Ingredients like Varieties of Millets and Daal's and many more such elements that they use for preparing their dishes. i personally love the lighting at this place as it's bright during the Day time. The Third Floor has a division of two i.e.., Indoor Seating and the Outdoor Rooftop Seating options. The aesthetics used for the Indoor Ambience is very nicely done and the Outdoor Rooftop Space has alot of Greenery to it and also has different seating options there, unlike the other spaces of this place. i absolutely am in love with their ambience here. It's kept very real and nature friendly.

Coming to the food and drinks they were all good. a purr Vegetarian would relate more to the dishes but for me as a hard core Non Vegetarian i personally liked only some of the dishes we tried. The Moringa Leaves with Corn Soup was a weird flavour for me to taste as iw had never had something like this also the whole wheat pizza lacked flavour for me personally, i was expecting something else but then it turned out completely different from what i expected it to be but then the pizza felt like it was missing something also the last dish that i felt gave a very confusing flavour to me was the Mysore Pak with the Lemon Cheese Cream, it was sweet and then tangy but didn't blend it well so i wouldn't recommend this dish.
however there below mentioned dishes are a must to try.
Coming to the Drinks we tried the Avocado Lassi Hundi, Hydrating Booster, Immuno Boost, Natural Healer, Choco Peanut Butter Shake. Now some of these are for health freaks and some are for the one's who want to enjoy the taste along with healthy Elements added to it. i personally loved trying them all out.


Food :

Mushroom, Potato & Coriander Soup. Apple, Fennel Stems and Lentil Salad. Baked Assorted Bread Rolls. Mix Grain Thalipeet with Falafel. Assorted Mini Burger Slider. Banana Flower & Paneer Paratha.Black & Red Rice Masala Chilla. Chole Nariyal Biryani with Stuffed Parwal. Gulab Jamun Pudding with Avocado Kalakand.

Drinks :

Avocado Lassi Hundi .Hydrating Booster. Immuno Boost. Natural Healer. Choco Peanut Butter Shake.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae

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