#GoHereShopThis: French Press And Stove Tops At Cafe Coffee Day

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You have obviously heard of Cafe Coffee Day. If you haven’t drive straight, backwards, left or right and you’ll see one within two minutes. Known for their coffee {duh}, other drinks, snacks and comfy chairs, did you know they also sell some incredibly reasonable French Presses {coffee plungers} and Espresso Makers?


Whether you want a stove top espresso maker, Italian moka or a French press, this chain of cafes has them all at prices that won’t hurt your pockets. Mostly functional and not really a piece you’d show off, we love that they do the job well, at least. And to go with them, they also have some roasted ground coffee from Chikamagalur to Ethiopia. This is reason enough for you kapi-lovers to rejoice. So go on, ditch that instant powder.

Find a store near you here.

Price: INR 399 upwards

Timings: 9am-11pm

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here to shop online.


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