Ten-second takeaway

A cosy little home for books in the centre of the city.

When personal went public

What used to be a personal library in the lounge of Church Street Inn became, in 2009, a full-fledged bookstore and lending library. Ravi Menezes owns and runs Goobe’s Book Republic, a bookstore which, in its own words, calls itself the city’s “best little bookstore”. We’re inclined to agree. The name comes from the Kannada for owl {so that’s pronounced goo-bay, not goob}; the word is used as an insult, meaning “stupid person”, and yet, another connotation is of an intelligent person.

Finding is keeping

Within this airy basement bookshop you’ll find a dazzling variety of books – crime novels, science fiction, travelogues, and some pretty esoteric books. You’ll also find cult favourite graphic novels and comics here, such as the Cyanide and Happiness collection or George Mathen’s Moonward. Also look for illustrated children’s books, manga, and even some foreign-language books. We are also partial to their section dedicated to food and cookbooks, where we have found ourselves tomes on how to whip up a mean espresso, the best of Bed & Breakfast Places in France and more. The LBB crew can be often found here browsing during lunch hour too. If you happen to be stuck or baffled by the amount of choices available around you, then just ask the ever-helpful owner for a recommendation. And if you’re lucky, you’ll spot your favourite author – we hear Zac O’Yeah recently dropped by with copies of his novel.

Why we love them 

We love Goobes not just for their selection of books but also for their general championing of reading. And even if Church Street feels far, far away, you can always keep up with the happenings at the bookstore via one of their many social media channels {see below for details}. What also works for Goobes is that you are less likely to be overwhelmed with books here. It’s a manageable, comfortably-sized collection. Each time we’ve paused here, we’ve left significantly richer.

Where: 11, Church Street

When: 9am-10.30pm

Price: INR 50 upwards {approx.}

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.

Image credits: Goobe’s