Cashew Oat Milk To Vegan Butter: Make The Switch With This Brand's Plant-Based Alternatives

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Good Mylk

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What Makes It Awesome

Whether you are looking to make the switch to plant-based dairy because of a lifestyle choice or want to see what the fuss is all about, then Good Mylk is for you. Good Mylk is a Bangalore-based online brand that has a range of plant-based dairy alternatives that will help you in your switch. We are talking about milk, curd, butter, and mayonnaise -- all made using nuts and vegetable oils. And the best part? They ship all over India. But more about that in a bit. Let's talk (not)milk! 

The Good Mylk milk is available in two flavours -- regular and chocolate. It's cashew-oat milk meaning it's 100 per cent vegan and lactose-free. The regular milk is perfect to sip on as it is as well as for making your coffee or tea. The brand promises that it won't curdle and we've tried it and it really doesn't curdle. You do get the flavour of (dairy) milk, even through you know you're not drinking cow's milk; you can't tell the difference! Apart from this, they have peanut curd too which is something we are going to try next.  


You can order all their products online and they deliver it all over India. Only the curd is available for delivery in Bangalore. You can opt for their subscription packages online. 


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