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    Say Goodbye to Hangovers with Morning Fresh*

    Aakanksha posted on 16 December


    While we’re convinced the only way to avoid a hangover is to stop drinking or just keep drinking, Morning Fresh claims to reduce the effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

    Drink up

    Ever had those days when the brain and heart says, “One more. One More”, but Mr Liver disagrees? We presume yes. Thus, to put you in your place, it will simply aggressively slow down producing an enzyme {Alcohol Dehydrogenases or ADH, for those Sheldons out there} which is responsible for digesting {yes, you read right} the alcohol. So, to prove to your delicate liver that you in fact are still the boss, Morning Fresh comes in and helps kick start the production of ADH again. Take that liver!

    Wake up liver

    So we decided to take a bullet for you fine folks and test it out. Which means, we had to consume copious amounts of tipple to get to the level where a hangover was pretty much guaranteed. And when our heads were spinning and up seemed down and people sprouted twins, we looked to this promising ‘cure’. Also to be had like a last shot {it’s a 60ml bottle}, Morning Fresh is meant to be the last thing you drink or eat after your wild night out. Shake it up, and down it essentially, and hope to the heavens that it works. Luckily, it’s tasty and comes in three different flavours – Strawberry, Salted Caramel {our favourite flavour} and Cola, and went down well.

    Good-ish morning

    They say the effects can be felt in 30 mins but we were deep in la la land to know. But waking up was certainly easier without a nasty headache or feeling of nausea. One of us who tried it was sprightly and very capable of having a good day at the office, and the other, though slightly tired and perhaps even a mild version of hungover, recovered much faster than usual. While it seemed to work on us, we’re sure that like all medicinal products, the effects will be varied and the level of alcohol you’ve had will certainly matter. So the next mega wedding, Christmas party or even the girls’ night out, give this a try, it may just be your new best friend.

    Where: Buy your dose here.

    Price: INR 100 a bottle and INR 300 for a weekend pack with all three flavours.

    Contact: 080 42470888

    Find them on Facebook here.

    Check out their website here.

    *LBB does not promote the consumption of alcohol and usage of this product is based on personal experience. This product does not prevent intoxication, alcohol poisoning, or alcohol abuse.

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