Get Gourmet Burgers at your doorstep

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What Makes It Awesome?

In addition to serving gourmet burgers, sliders, sides and beverages, Burger Seigneur aces delivering freshly prepared delicacies in leak-proof packages. I opted for a Rooster Slider, Chicken strips with Cookies and Cream shake. The packaging was done perfectly and the dishes taste as fresh as they would have tasted while dining in at Burger Seigneur.

Rooster Slider was loaded with chicken patty wrapped in lettuce laced with in-house sauce. Chicken Strips were crunchy. The consistency and flavour of Cookies and Cream Shake were apt. Refreshing shake paired well the slides and sides.

I have always liked dining in at Burger Seigneur but the delivery experience made it one of my favourites for ordering in as well.

Loves experimenting! Comfortable yet trendy, chic and unique sums up my style. l love creating new looks by mixing and matching.