Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Makes This Granola Brand A New Favourite

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What Makes It Awesome

Super people deserve superfoods! I firmly believe that I am a super person, and so love this emerging brand named Grainola (not least of all for the cool name!). With the aim of making natural and wholesome ingredients accessible but in a more evolved (and a bit fancy) avatar, they have granola in all kinds of flavours, that will make even the fussiest person want to eat this! Think cinnamon, Belgian chocolate, peanut butter and cranberries!

Loaded with all the good things you need to be healthy and strong, the granola options are mostly organic, and gluten free. Since my household loves anything to do with sea salt and chocolate, we are convinced the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate granola was made for us. Loaded with dark chocolate (fair trade chocolate no less), sea salt, coconut oil and coconut sugar, this one is great to munch on. Another top favourite is the option with Belgian chocolate callets and hazelnuts, which is apparently the brand’s bestseller too. I have tried the cinnamon peanut butter once, in a smoothie, and love it. You can taste the granola cluster and the hit of cinnamon is all I need in a smoothie! It’s apparently good for energy, immunity boosting and rejuvenates the skin too! So, win-win-win! 

There is also a Spiced Sriracha & Cranberries Granola as well as a Vanilla Almond Butter, but I have not had them yet, so if you do, please feel free to post on LBB about it! 


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