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Jon Snow To Rajni Sir: Get Yourself A Caricature With Legends With This Artiste's Work

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    Bangalore-based Graphicurry, started by artist Prasad Bhat, designs illustrations and makes caricatures of your favourite artistes and even yourself.

    Fun With Art

    MJ, Jack Black, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Breaking Bad, James Dean, Johnny Depp — you name it, they have it. Founded by Prasad Bhat, who was featured by TedEx Bangalore as one of the leading illustrators across India, specialises in creating hand-drawn digital caricatures. And it’s not that it’s that kind of art which you can never understand! This artwork can be hung on your walls, or gifted to friends who are crazy fans of pop {and not-so-pop} culture.

    Almost Famous

    If you’re jealous of those famous people who get caricatures, and you’ve always been too modest to get yourself one, fear not! It’s time to step into the limelight and get a portrait. All you have to do is send them a picture of you, and they’re gonna caricature it up, and send it back. You can have a good laugh before you decide to hang it up on your wall. Check it out here. And if you can convince him, maybe get a charming photo of yourself with some of these legends. Add to the amusement of the painting. Also, when else will you get to stand side by side with Marylin Monroe or Pablo Escobar.

    Beyond The Wall

    Did you get our Game Of Thrones reference here? Yes? Great because you can load up on some fun GoT merch here too. From coasters and key rings to mugs and phone cases, go on, have some pop culture fun. Not the usual, but caricatured versions of good old Jon Snow, The Hound, Tyrion Lannister and the cutest one of Brienne of Tarth and Tormund with a heart in the centre. If you’re more of the Big Bang Theory or Seinfield sort, there’s plenty for you too. We particularly like the mug series of actors in their most iconic roles — Rajnikanth to Johnny Depp. Rad, no? Ooh, there’s even a smattering of Batman, Sherlock {the Benedict Cumberbatch avatar} and Leonardo Di Caprio {sigh!}. With a sale going on currently, and products such as notebook, phone cases, and posters on sale, we suggest you quirk up that Diwali hamper and do something different. Who doesn’t want to get an Amitabh Bachchan coffee mug as a present, eh?
      Available Online