Gratitude Guest House In Pondy Is An Oasis Of Calm, Creole & Restored Heritage

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What Makes It Awesome

For when you don’t really want to leave your guest house, but still want those quintessential Pondicherry vibes, check into Gratitude. You’ll be glad for it. A little cocoon of calm, culture and art, Gratitude is no hotel. It’s technically a homestay, but when you check into the heritage home, you’ll know it is so much more. And you have the owner, Jyoti Cariappa Saikia, and her work partner, Kakoli Banerjee, to thank for it. Rooms are intentionally kept without televisions, making it a place conducive to creativity. So all you writers, poets, painters, creators… this is where you could go for some serious inspiration and quiet time. With a total of 9 rooms, this place really spoils you for choice as each one of the restored rooms is cosier than the other. Some are ideal for a single person, while others are luxuriously large and great for two. 

Think large wooden beds, four-poster options and one with the most adorable loft too! Room 7 is perfect for couples looking for a romantic break. It’s got a Downton Abbey-esque king-size bed, a turquoise bathroom, and a verandah that opens straight onto a mango tree. Pick Room 6 if you want to wallow in a bathtub, book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. Breakfast, like the architecture here, is a mix of South Indian and French. So sit back and enjoy your croissant with filter coffee, and make sure to pick up books or games from the library to keep yourself entertained. There is WiFi, but really, why would you need it in this lovely oasis. If you are travelling from another state, please do check the COVID travel rules and adhere to it. All the folks from Tamil Nadu, take that break and head over to Gratitude.


Meander outside for your lunch and dinner, as they encourage you to explore beyond their fine space. Check out these places if you want to be touristy, or perhaps load up on artisan products to bring back home from here. Shopping in your blood, go local, we say. And we know just where! Check out these stores.


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