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What Makes It Awesome?

I visited "The Rogue Elephant" last weekend for brunch, and had a really nice time. It's the ambience of the place that steals your heart. The setup is like that of a garden area, right in the midst of nature, and it feels nice and peaceful. They have a garden shop right beside the café where they even have a dog. It has a decent amount of seating and serves some really fresh food.

While the food was nice, I wouldn't call it the best, but there were still some dishes that really mesmerized us all. All their desserts are made by the owner, and they taste amazing. You absolutely must try them before you leave the place. That being said, the following section gives a brief overview of all the dishes that we tried:

-Filter Coffee (8.5/10) - Nice option to start the day, or even to sip along with the meal. Decently priced and great tasting even without the addition of sugar.

-Cold Coffee (8.5/10) - If hot coffee isn't your cup of tea, then you must try this. This also had a rich coffee flavour but was served cold. It had the perfect consistency in terms of being neither too rich nor too runny.

-Mango, Avocado and Almond Salad (9/10) - This is a seasonal salad and boy did this taste amazing. The fresh mangoes and the rich avocadoes made for a mesmerizing combination. The addition of almonds added a nice crunch to the dish and brought out a textural contrast which just made it perfect, nutritious and very delicious.

-Cajun Fish Fingers with Tomato Salsa (6/10) - This was not up to the mark. The fish was rather dry and less in salt.

-Signature Fig and Savoury Pannacotta Salad (8.5/10) - Another decent salad, the figs and salad leaves together with the balsamic glaze as the dressing made for an amazing combination. The savoury pannacotta added the much-needed saltiness to balance of all the flavours and made this salad delicious as well.

-Falafel with Hummus (8.5/10) - These were quite nice and not oily at all. The hummus was delicious, smooth and creamy and it tasted amazing even with the pita alone.

-Chicken, Apple and Celery on Toast (8/10) - A decent option, this was served with potato wafers. These were open sandwiches that had a chicken and celery mixed in mayo like dressing and spread on a toast. Finely sliced apple pieces were then placed on these and served. Overall nice combination with a mix of sweet and spicy flavours, and quite rich with the mayo.

-Thai Grilled Chicken with Green Mango Relish and Herb Rice (8.5/10) - The meat was so nicely cooked, that it was just falling off the bones. Not that it lacked flavours, but the intensity of flavours could have been slightly more. The green mango relish was mostly grated green mango with a vinaigrette dressing, while the herbed rice was again mellow in terms of flavours, but perfectly cooked. A good try if you want a clean dish!

-Carrot Cake & Ice Cream (8.5/10) - The carrot cake was served nice and warm, and was really moist. It made for the most comforting combination with vanilla ice cream.

-Mango Pannacotta (9/10) - Served in a cutting chai glass, this was pure bliss. They used fresh mangoes which were so evident in the flavour. The texture was nice and rich, and the gelatin used was absolutely perfect. As a result, it was neither too hard and jelly-like nor too soft and runny like a thick soup. The garnishing with fresh mango slices not only added to the presentation but also reinstated the freshness which this had! Absolutely must have!

-Nutella Delight (9/10) - Another great dessert in terms of textures. This was basically like a chocolate mousse but they had used Nutella for all the chocolatey flavour. The only drawback if any was that this was a bit too sweet. But if you love Nutella, just blindly order this!

Overall a nice place where you can relax and calm yourself after a busy week. It's a great option to visit both with family or friends, or even with your date. Some dishes are just amazing, and the price is quite decent.

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