This Limited-Edition Gin Was Created By Mistake And It's A Fine Error To Make!

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What Makes It Awesome

All you gin fanatics who love G&Ts, we have good news for you. Greater Than, India’s first craft gin, produced locally in Goa, makes the best gin cocktails, and we know because we’ve tried. It’s a London dry gin and there are nine different botanicals that come together to make this gin quite citrus-happy. Besides Juniper, which is the botanical that makes the alcohol gin, there are coriander seeds, Angelica and orris roots, ginger, lemongrass, fennel, chamomile and orange peels. The bottle is priced at INR 1,950, and if you need a drinking partner, anyone from team LBB will be happy to oblige. But, wait, there's more to this one!

For those who want to amp up the juniper in the spirit, you have to the limited release gin called Juniper Bomb. Fun Fact: it was created by mistake! Apparently the lights went out at their distillery in Goa, and the juniper berries steeped much longer than they should have. But, hello Juniper Bomb. A bold and complex flavour, it even has an aftertaste of lychees. What is not to love! This one's currently available only in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa.

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