Succulents, Cacti And Basic Planters: Green Thumbed Millenials Check Out This Store!

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Green Spaces provides solutions to increase green spaces around you be it with an itty bitty succulent or a lush garden to relax in. 

What Makes It Awesome

With an aim to bring about a green lifestyle smoothly integrating plants in our homes to some degree, Green Spaces in Puttenahalli will give you the perfect solution for your home, room, work space, or even gifting ideas if you’re looking for plants that serve purposes outside of providing oxygen. Like us, if you’re intimidated by ensuring a plant in your possession doesn’t die within a month of you bringing it home, check out their cacti and succulents (all Insta-worthy, especially the Grafted Moon cactus), that come in a range of planters, either made of ceramic or stone in basic, earthy colours for that calming look and feel that’s popular right now. Prices for these start at INR 300.

Their range of air purifying plants (perfect for your balcony, or even indoors) like the snake plant and the anthurium red passion among others are ready to take home in glazed planters as well, and start at INR 650. For slightly more whimsical souls, they have Bonsai plants (we saw fig tree with some real character) and terrariums. The latter can be custom made per your requirements of course, and will be priced accordingly. Balcony gardeners can check the place out for some inspiration for hanging pots, or pick up one of their garden decor pieces and consult with them to create the perfect mini garden at home no matter the amount of space you’re working with as the team there loves a challenge. 


 As they’re a garden design company, they offer complete landscaping and homescaping (get it?) solutions for whatever amount of green you want incorporated with their parent company Onyx Designs. They also supply plants, planters, and other garden decor for corporate (or bulk) gifting, the components of which are completely customisable.


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