For Steaks And Chilled Beer On A Budget, Head To This Laid Back Cafe In HSR

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Grigliato, in HSR Layout, is a cosy, hangout place, perfect for when you want to catch up with your squad over a round of beer and juicy steaks. The prices please you as well.

Raise The Steaks

Located near the Agara Lake, Grigliato has been around for a while and is a top neighbourhood pick. If are not a sucker for great interiors and want a well-priced, meat-loaded meal along with mugs of beer, this is the place to be. Come here with your pals for maximum fun times!

Grigliato is best known for its steaks especially the Grilled Chicken version. The slabs of meat comes dressed up in a thick, herby sauce that adds plenty of flavour. If you prefer beef steaks, then, go for the classic Ribeye Steak where pepper and garlic are generously rubbed in before the meat hits the grill. Of course, this goes best with a glass of beer. But do note that they only serve draught and there’s no other tipple available {expect for a few beer cocktails}.

Pastas To Pizzas

Can’t stomach an entire steak? There are plenty of other options! You can start off with nibbling on their deep-fried Chicken Meatballs paired with silken mayonnaise. Or their excellent Chilly Prawns, that’s got plenty of spice to it. The pizzas come topped with the usual yumminess — there’s paneer, pepperoni, prawns, and plenty of cheese. In the burger section the Chef’s Special Burger that features a hefty patty topped with chicken, cheese and a fried egg is what you need to sink your teeth into.

For pasta lovers, the Shrimp & Chicken Alfredo Pasta is always a winner. So, is the spicy Peppermotto that includes fresh veggies, a creamy tomato sauce, and a sprinkling of cheese. The Chicken Hot Pot too is a favourite with patrons. You can finish up your meal by slurping on their Caramel Custard or the Naughty Nutty – a sundae made up of butterscotch and vanilla ice cream topped with cake, nuts, and honey.



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