Men, Pick Up Boots, Loafers, And Formal Footwear For Any Occasion From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

A pair of shoes for every occasion is what Guava is good at. The online brand which you can Shop On LBB by the way (yay!), has all kinds of footwear for men. Think loafers, Oxfords, boots, sandals, and slip-ons that will get you out of the little boys' club and into the men's club. You know, like The Kingsman. We like their casual collection more than their formal collection only because you'll almost only see us wearing either loafers or sneakers, and to some extend boots. The casual slip-ons come in various patterns and we are particularly digging the ones that have cut-out designs. You get them in different shades of brown, and black. Works well with your workwear, if you ask us. 


They also have footwear for women, so be sure to check that out on their website. 


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