The Scoop

Walking around the lanes in Shivaji Nagar near Taj Hotel circle, you can find furniture, antiques, and copper vessels.

The Style

gujri market for old furniture in shivaji nagar area

Photo by: Smriti

Around the Taj Hotel area there are many stores of beaten copper vessels, leading to an evening bazaar which is just called that, though it’s open in the day time too. You can find all kinds of bling fabric here. One of the lanes just before heading to evening bazaar if you ask around, is the furniture ‘gujri’. Gujri in Kannada means a scrap yard. This is a scrap yard of furniture. From an antique old lamp to a beautiful carved head board, you can find anything depending on your luck.

What We Love

Small knick knacks that you can get in your hunt. Old style metal chai trays, porcelain jewellery boxes, or a carved wall mirror frame, are some treasures we have found.

Who Is It For

If you are an antique enthusiast who likes to get some good pieces at cheap rates, this is the place for you, but it also means a lot of work plus legwork from your side as none of the items you get come in great condition and you might have to spend some time finding the right pieces.


Walk around the place, spend time checking the things you like, don’t fall for anything without thinking twice.

Where: Gujri, near Taj Hotel Circle, Shivaji Nagar

Price: INR 200 onwards