This Artist Tries To Save Abandoned Dogs Through Her Candid Pet Portraits

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Get a stunning portrait of your favourite four-legged friend hand-drawn by Gumi Malhotra. And for a good cause, too — part of the proceeds benefit CARE animal shelter!

Puppy Love

Inspired by her love for dogs, Gumi Malhotra decided to channel her artistic talents towards drawing them. This Bangalore-based artist is all about adopt-don’t-shop. After running a successful art campaign for CARE animal shelter to raise awareness about the plight of abandoned dogs, she decided to turn it into a business of sorts. She’ll work with you and your pet to create a stunning portrait. Part of the commission goes to CARE, so you’re doing a good deed, too!

Picture Perfect

Sure, you could just pull out your phone and click a thousand pictures of Mr. Tibbles in a quick minute, but it just isn’t the same as the attention to detail, hard work and loving care that Gumi puts into her portraits. She’s able to capture the nuanced personalities that every animal has, turning what should be a simple portrait into a stunning work of art. She especially loves close-ups, as she tends to find most of the details are in the eyes — the window to the soul! if you love your pet as much as I love mine, it’s a really thoughtful way to preserve them for the years to come.