Ten-Second Takeaway

No this one’s got nothing to do with Goa’s popular restaurant Gunpowder. But this new restaurant in Koramangala does Andhra meals, Hyderabadi biryani, Gongura mutton, Guntur chicken and the works.

Gongura to Guntur Chillies

We are already eyeing the seafood meals on their menu, specials such as the Mutton Head Curry, Boti fry and Natu Kodi {country chicken} fry. Vegetarians, fret not. We have spotted meals, a bunch of curries, and some spicy fries such as bhindi, ivy gourd, and brinjal. Fresh catch of day gets fried up with masalas and the chicken gets presented in multiple avatars — with Gongura, fiery Guntur chillies and more. There’s also prawn biryani, which we have made a note of. Watch this space for a proper recommendation coming soon.

Feature Photo: Gunpowder