Wake Up And Smell The Coffee At This Romantic Homestay In Chikamagalur

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What Makes It Awesome

We all know that the planter life is amazing. Well, at least the life we get to lead when planters open up their estate homes to us hedonistic folk! And apart from the luxury, beauty and its quirky name, Halli Berri (Halli for village and Berri for…well, berry), makes us happy as it’s an all-girl concern – Mamma Nalima Kariappa leads the brigade with her daughters Maanvi, Anusha and Tejini taking over the reins in turn.

Go here to do absolutely nothing. Just bask in the cooler and infinitely purer air, with the fragrance of strong 100 per cent Arabica looming. The rooms, large and airy, have bay windows to give you an early morning view of the great outdoors. Antique furniture, modern décor and Downton Abbey meets Japanese Zen, best describes the interiors, giving it a cosiness that we’re happy to get comfortable and lounge about all day in. At most, we’ll roll out of bed for an open-air shower in the private garden – that’s always exciting and never gets old. 

Of course, if you’re the kind who cannot sit still, then there’s plenty of treks you can go on. And with the Bababudan mountains for backyard entertainment, we assure you there’s plenty of trails you can follow. Birdwatchers too have much to look forward to as the area boasts of over 260 species. If you’re lucky, then a tiger might go strolling past you, as has been the case in recent past. But do be on-guard a bit as they aren’t as friendly as the adorable in-house cuddly dogs. 


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