It's Playtime! Popular UK Toy Store Chain Hamleys, Has Just Gone Online

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It's A Play Date!

Yep, that’s right! You can now get your inflatable T-rex and remote-controlled flying saucers delivered straight home without having to trudge all the way to the Hamleys stores in the city. Jabong now has a lot of the toys and products from Hamleys on offer and we spotted a bunch of cutesy things we can’t wait to buy {ahem, for the kiddos of course}.

From remote controlled thingamajigs to a whole range of bath toys like mermaids, a light-up octopus and a swimming Nemo, they even have a whole range of miniature car and bus models available online as well {they’re collectibles and it’s perfectly acceptable for adults to have them ok?}. From a police car and a London taxi to Lamborghinis and Porches, there’s plenty here to fascinate the motor enthusiast. And, of course, soft toys galore. Plush and cuddly bunnies, teddies, doggos, kitties and even giraffes are available online for you to cosy up with. Time to fill up our online shopping bag on Jabong, we think. Get started and check it out here.


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