Ethnic Book Sleeves: A Gift Your Book-Loving Friend Will Never Part With

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What Makes It Awesome

There has been a debate raging in the booklovers community about why we need book sleeves. I buy a ton of books every year and I love to take good care of them. If you are a book-lover (or know one) you would probably know that there are rules for reading, shelving and lending of books that cannot be flouted. No spillage, no dog-earring, no tugging at the spine while picking a book off the shelf etc. Think I am overreacting? You probably are out of the book sleeves debate anyway. For the rest of us who love to legit pamper our books, welcome to Handivity!

Aarushi, the brains behind Handivity, makes beautiful fabric sleeves (call it jacket if you will) for our (very vulnerable to damage) paperbacks and Kindle. The brand is essentially fostering a culture of book maintenance because for a lot of us book lovers, books are indeed our most valued possessions. Handivity book jackets are made with 100% cotton fabric. Handprinted by local artisans (using natural dye) in traditional Indian printing techniques like Kalamkari, Ajrakh, Dabu and Bagru. Know an ardent book lover? This sleeve would make for the best gift for that person. 

The best part is that these sleeves come with zipper pockets where you can carry your mobile phone, card, passport, pen, sticky notes, etc. Comes in super handy when you are travelling. The sleeve itself is light-weight so you aren’t making your book or kindle look or feel bulky while using it.

You can’t wash your books but you can definitely wash the book sleeves! I rest my case.


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