Just Hangin': Laze It Up With This Store's Comfy Hammocks And Swings

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What Makes It Awesome

Doesn’t Bangalore weather just call for some afternoon naps, and quiet mornings with your favourite book? Hangit can add the holiday vibe with its range of hammocks, swings and accessories. A collection of earthy colours of stripes and patterns, the hammocks are made of eco-friendly fabrics that are breathable and comfortable to lie in all day, if you choose. From fabric to weaved cotton ropes, these hammocks come in sunny shades of orange, olive greens and sailor themed blues.

Easy to setup and light to carry — take your portable hammock with you on treks, camps and other trips. Got company? The people at Hangit get that hammocks can be double the fun with a plus one, so that’s why they have a range of hammocks that can seat two people. There are poolside hammocks that are specially designed to dry quickly, so you can relax after your dip without worrying about water or sunlight damaging the hammock. If you feel like your space is not designed to setup a hammock, we have good news — Hangit also sells hammocks that come with stands so you can place it anywhere you wish. Their curve wood stand is made of cypress wood, which is averse to moisture and sleek in design. You can order your hammock fabric of choice and follow the simple DIY guide to set it up.

If you want to glam up a corner of your room or garden, and have restricted space — add a pop of colour and personality with a swing. The most popular are the canvas fabric swings with a wooden bar and make the perfect selection for your patio. If you want something where the seating arrangement gives a little structure, Hangit comes with collections of cushioned backrests and seats to make it a favourite spot for the entire family.


The hammocks come with additional fixtures required to set it up.


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