Ten-second takeaway

Protecting heirloom and endangered species of seeds from across the globe, Hariyalee Seeds and its founder Dr Prabhakar Rao, are making a difference of the green kind.

Tell me more

Well known for the wonderful hands-on farm experience he organises on his patch of green heaven, Aditi Farms, Dr Prabhakar Rao (also a noted architect) knows all there is to about chemical-free and sustainable agriculture. So it is no surprise that Hariyalee Seeds is your go-to place for all things organic. As well as Vedic, seeing as he follows, and teaches this form of organic and eco-friendly farming.

Let’s get seedy

Apart from your fill of regular seeds, you can buy brinjal (six kinds of them!), peppers (a whopping 24 varieties including the Chilttoma Grande de Ometepe and the super fiery Bhoot Jolokia) and herbs. Or you can even fill your garden with more exotic stuff like cinnamon, lime or licuorice basil, Tuleo strawberry corn and golden quinoa. See what we mean when we say endangered? We had to Google some of these things! If that isn’t enough, there’s over 40 more varieties in the Coming Soon section, and we cannot wait for the Cat Mint, Dwarf Siberian Kale, Mount Vesuvius Tomatoes and the Czech Zlata Radish.

Getting involved

By now we’re assuming you want to really get your own hands dirty. Not to worry, just sign-up to a session on Aditi Farms, and get down and dirty. Apart from learning the difference between organic and natural farming, when there, you’ll even start to differentiate between your indigenous and heirloom plant varieties while simultaneously discovering which technique to use to multiply plants at home! Plus, a bootcamp on why the Kamadenu (cow) is so important in Vedic farming. You’re saying Holy Cow, aren’t you?

So we’re thinking…

We’re definitely going to start our own veggie patch at home, and while that comes along, we’ll be waiting for their home-delivery service, Hariyalee’s Farm to Table, to launch, for organic veggies from Dr Rao approved sources straight at our doorstep.

Where: Aditi Farms, off Kanakapura Road, 5km from the Art of Living Ashram

Price: Seeds start at INR 60 upwards for a pack of ten; INR 2,500 for the farm experience (includes a light salad lunch)

Check out their website here.

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