From Craft Beers To Yum Irish Desserts, This Place Has Covered It All!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Typical Irish food to Perfection. This place serves authentic Irish food from the starters to desserts. This place resembles all the diners across Ireland and Scotland. When the Irish House serves fish and chips, they are authentic served with Peas and dips.

Armagh Mushroom bites are something delicious for Mushroom lovers. Freshly baked buns stuffed with pepper mushroom mash is perfect. Smoked chicken pockets are something amazing which one has to try, it has a slight touch of Mediterranean food.

For the main course, Spicy sweetcorn pizza is ideal. The wood-fired pizza with a smoky marinara makes it amazing. Portofino Grilled fish is perfectly done. Chicken Grilled with Sriracha is served with Apple Cider rice is something interesting.

When are Irish Desserts not good? Well, here they are fantastic, from the presentation to texture, each one is unique and beautiful. Dual Chocolate Torte is perfected in style. The Irish Riverdance is where Beer is poured on the dish which has Ice cream, chocolates and what not. This is a pure extravaganza.

For Craft Beer lovers, they have Geist pouring in, also the Beer cocktails are too good.

Best To Go With

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